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The Live Stream Genius team are on the ball.. These guys rock.. They always ahead of the game and I have so much to learn from them.  - Gary Curtis

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Why Are So Many Video Marketers Using Live Stream Genius?
Just read about the benefits that video marketers, just like you enjoy with Live Stream Genius...

It's Easy To Use!
We worked hard to make sure that Live Stream Genius is easy for you to use. You will be streaming your first video within 10 minutes!

Powerful Features
You'll Love!
You can choose to stream at 240p to 1080p and set all the important options to maximize your video power.

Give Your Videos A Ranking Boost!
Live Events (live streaming) is given preferred treatment by YouTube and Google! Take advantage of it.

You Will Save Time!
The features in Live Stream Genius, such as Project Cloning, are designed to save you a ton of time when setting up new video jobs.
Take A Peek At Some Of Our Results!
We Are In The Trenches Every Day and We've Easily Streamed Over 100,000 Videos Already!
We've Taken Our Combined 20 Years of Experience To Not Only Create Live Stream Genius, But to Show You Techniques and Tactics We Use To Profit With Live Events!
What Do Users of Live Stream Genius Have To Say?
Daniel Calleja - Local Niche Expert
Damon Nelson,
If A 7 Year Old Can Do It....
"I used to have to have my tech guy stream my live events but I can do it myself now with Live Stream Genius!"
Nancy B, Calgary AlbertaMarketing Executive
Q - Do you find this will be easier to use than other streaming software?
A - "A million times easier!"
Scott GrayVideo Marketer
LSG is an outstanding piece of sw which in my opinion has truly raised the bar when it comes to video marketing sw. Extremely user friendly and with exceptional support by a team that truly listens to their users needs and are proactive in keeping the sw up to date. An exceptional product from a team of great people.
Daniel CallejaInternet Marketing Consultant
LSG has brought the ease of marketing with video to me as easy as 1, 2, 3 1 - Find your niche 2 - Insert info 3 - Start LSG que It has helped me acquire local clients by having them search their business and finding their name on first page of Google search. It has been the selling point. Thank you Frank and Michael for such a great product.
James Powell
Before LSG guys came out with there software, I was doing 12 hours a day of manually live streaming. I wasted hours and hours of time just sitting at my PC and hitting a little button. Now that LSG has been released, I can fill that 12 hours of actually work time that I didn't have before. The agency level allows me to stream roughly 5k video's a day if done right. These guys know there stuff and mucho respect for them.
Holly StarksVideo Marketer
I can't believe the amount of time this tool is saving me. I use both the standard and pro version. If you own it keep working at it, if you don't own it - buy it.
Michael P. Williams
Watch How You Can Easily Build A Six Figure
Business with Live Stream Genius!
(In Under 10 Minutes Work Per day!)
You Get A Two Computer License for Live Stream Genius Standard!
Live Stream Genius Can Run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Mac users must use
Parallels or like software with Windows emulation to run Live Stream Genius.

Live Stream Genius Has Loads of Powerful Features!
This Mean Streaming Machine Is Fast and Easy To Use! You'll Learn How To Love Live Events!
Manage Your Accounts with Ease!
You will find all the functions you need to easily manage your accounts information in one simple to use interface!

  1. Our unique 'One Click Login' button to log into your YouTube account and channel with one simple click!
  2. Editing and removing an account is also just one click away.
  3. Adding new accounts is super easy as well. The software will confirm your account information with a live login and also grab your channel information.
Project Management Just Can't Be Any Easier!
We did it again! Project Management just couldn't be easier. Take a look at just a few of the features:

  1. One-Click technology to open the video for inspection in your default browser!
  2. One-Click technology for video project editing and removal.
  3. Intelligent Button Selection. The software just knows when you've streamed an event and shows you the correct selection automatically!
  4. Adding new projects is a breeze!
Power Up Your Live Events!
You'll find that we've held nothing back! Set just about every aspect about your Live Event.

  • Your video title - supports multi-language
  • Your video description - supports multi-language and spintax to make cloned projects more unique!
  • Your video tags - tagging is very important for rankability
  • Your video category - select the right category for your videos
  • Your video visibility - you can make your videos public, private or unlisted - there's hidden seo power here.
  • Your video thumbnail - use thumbnails as a Call To Action in Google
  • Your video file - select your pre-created .mp4 formatted video file
  • Your video's geolocation - insert the address for Boosted Local Listings
  • Your account settings - set the account and channel to where you want to post too
  • Your bumper settings - this is a powerful subscriber strategy!
I am a huge fan of LSG. As far as ranking videos, I now have it tuned into a science. Besides doing the basic research ahead of time for Keywords, I simply load up LSG, add my videos, titles, tags, and descriptions. Punch the easy button and then hit the video URL with a little bit of VidPenguin power and "POOF" 1st page rankings on my targeted keywords. When you have the right thumbnail, title, video, and ranking on page 1, you can't be beat. Makes it fun again to do launch jacking and local marketing... Plus Michael Bowes and Frank Thomas are constantly improving the product and teaching video monetization strategies to go along with the 1,2,3, easy steps.
Damon Nelson
I will gladly give my testimonial about Live Stream Genius. When I first purchased this I was a bit skeptical and mainly because I had not heard of Michael and Frank in my online marketing space. After seeing how there support was and how the software worked to near perfection, I was totally on board with their concepts and attention to detail. They don't just want their software and strategies to be Ok, they want to go to the "top" in everything that they do. They are constantly evaluating and updating their software as needed. They also listen to their customers concerning how to make things even better. I have been using LSG for months, have never come close to a Youtube or Google slap (in my opinion), and am on board with basically anything that they come out with. I have a comfort level in using LSG and wouldn't even think of using other streaming software. First page results speak for themselves. They have me hooked and I want to personally thank them. I love Live Stream Genius!
Leonardo Brokenbrough
Just purchased LSG last month and in the middle of my first project with it. Local Contractor Niche in a fairly large city (population 400,000+, 600,000+ including suburbs). Set up my YT channel with siloed playlists for the main city and the 16 largest suburbs, of which the first 8 were streamed (the rest in the smaller suburbs will rank on their own with normal uploading after the first 80), so basically streamed 80 videos into the channel and then placed in the appropriate suburb playlist. The result - 75 of the 80 videos are ranking on page 1 for the top 10 keywords in each city. Most showed up there within an hour of streaming the video. The other 5 started on page 2. After streaming these I normally uploaded 30 more in the channel so far and all of those are on page 1. So, total of 110 videos with 105 on the first page for the 10 highest searched keywords for the niche in each city. Oh, and complete and total domination for every keyword targeted in YouTube.
Dave Campbell
That’s Cool…But What Else Do I Get?
You will not only get Live Stream Genius, but all these things too...

Premium Membership

You'll get access to our premiere membership site that is a part of Live Stream Genius.

We not only discuss how to use this great tool, but we study strategies to build a strong YouTube presence and SEO strategies to boost your video rankings.

Really what good is a tool without great tutorials and information?

Private Facebook Group

This is the place to hang out if you are looking for YouTube strategies that you can see our other members are sharing and using.

Join us today and become a member of Live Stream Genius community!

World Class Support

No software is any good without world class support! We have a dedicated support team to handle your questions and issues.

Plus our programmers are native to North America, so you can depend on fast changes and great running software!

Deals For You

We are working on making the links to other software for video marketers like you. We will forward specials and functionality to save you time and money.

Plus we show you the best supporting software to use to further boost your efforts and profits in video marketing!

Try Live Stream Genius For 30 Days Risk Free!

We are so confident that you will absolutely love Live Stream Genius Std that
we are offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee!
We take all the risk so you don’t have to...

LSG is one of the best pieces of software I have purchased as a newbie learning the IM space.. I started out learning about video marketing for local businesses, purchased alot of "shinny objects" and this by far exceeds them all for ranking and power. The team Frank Thomas + Michael Bowes are on the ball.. These guys rock.. They always ahead of the game and I have so much to learn from them. I have a eCommerce business selling products on Amazon, and now promote my products on Google page one every time.. Currently building the Local business marketing platform as I know how to use the software, I will surely cream the clients.. LSG Team, are GENIUSES!!!
Gary Curtis
I cannot say enough about this software and the support behind it. I've already seen a couple of upgrades that enhanced the software and when I had an issue early in using it I contacted support then got an email and phone call from the programmer himself. I use this for my "local" clients around the Country and am able to dominate not just YouTube for their keywords, but rank on page one of Google for thier main buyer terms ! I am getting fantastic referrals from current clients which is the ultimate measure of its success. This software will automate uploading front page videos while you sleep! Does it require some effort? Yes, but once you've set up a campaign you can walk away knowing your videos will be popping up all over the SERPs.
Terry Power
O...M....G!!! Guys, Frank Thomas and Michael Bowes, I can imagine you receive testimonials like this all the time, but please let me share my experience with your software. My internet conection SUCKS! And I mean that :) But even with those sad stats, I said to myself: "Try it anyways!" After installing it, adding my YT account and making sure I had all my parameters in line with your guidelines, I started streaming my very first Live event. For a medium competitive keyword: "_profesion_ in _city_" Aaaand... In Spanish :) Well... After anxiously waiting for the entire process to finish, I decided to track the final result immediately. The result?? Position #25 after just 5 minutes!! :D Now... - Is this a glamorous Page 1 result after the first try?? No. - Does this ranking means THE WORLD to me?? Heck Yeah!! And here's why: I've been an Affiliate SEO since 2012. I started uploading videos targeting Low Competitive keywords in order to make commissions AND... In my experience... I got my videos to rank in a ratio of 1 to 5. Meaning, for each 5 videos that I uploaded, I got 1 video ranked on Google (anywhere on Google). From 2012 to 2017... I've "lost" a lot of good campaigns because my other 4 videos didn't rank on Google at all. It's my personal experience (with the type of videos I create and with my own strategy) that once my video ranks as "n/f" (not found) on Google, it's 99% likely it won't get ranked EVER. Even if I send it the most powerful PBN links I can have, or tons of backlinks... That video won't rank on Google. The video MUST HAVE ranked somewhere on Google at the begining, and if it doesn't... If after 1-2 weeks that video hasn't ranked ANYWHERE on Google... It won't rank at all later. So you can imagine MY HAPPINESS :) after seeing that just with a couple of buttons... My video just got ranked... And on Page 3!! Thank you so much Frank and Michael for having created this beatiful piece of engineering and THANK YOU for having changed for the best my youtube seo results for the rest of 2017 (and beyond...) Now... I HAVE the YT Power!!
Jorge Luis
You'll love this, a friend deleted a gmail account of mine and it wiped my entire YouTube channel I had plugged into all this LOL thanks to live stream genius and the settings though I had it all back up on a new channel in like 12 hours
Benjamin Jacques
When it comes to marketing I like to think out of the box and that often means long tail easy to rank keywords. I love that fact that no one wants to try and rank for a keyword with an average of just 10 people a month looking at it, but I do. Because with LSG, I can rank my video on these pages in hours. Now imagine trying to rank a keyword that has 100,000 search a month, thats going to be pretty tough, but with LSG I can use one video and rank it on 10,000 long tail keywords very, very easily, and at 10 people per month per keywords there is my 100,000 whammo
David Poole
You Get A Two Computer License for Live Stream Genius Standard!

You will be shocked at how quickly your videos will be ranked!

Our customers literally have 1,000's of front page video rankings that help them make some serious cash!

Live Stream Genius Will Soon Be Available Again When The Newest Version Is Released

Please Stay Tuned!

You Get A Two Computer License for Live Stream Genius Standard!
Plus you get a full year of software updates!
Live Stream Genius Can Run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Mac users must use
Parallels or like software with Windows emulation to run Live Stream
This Is A Limited Timed Offer And Is Closed At This Time.
Please Stay Tuned
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why do Live Events Get Such A Boost?

Right now, Google is favoring Live Events because they are considered 'Live', thus news worthy. If you want your Live Event streamed video to keep their rankings, we show you techniques to do just that.

Plus there is a multitude of ways to use Live Events that will literally blow your mind. We disclose all that we learn to our inner circle on the Live Stream Genius membership site, that is part of your purchase!

How Long Are You Going To Support Live Stream Genius?
We've been going strong now for over two years and we don't see an end in sight! But when you purchase a license for Live Stream Genius as a one time price, you get updates for 1 full year on Standard edition but your license doesn't expire (future updates can be purchased at a low price).

Can I stream video with Live Stream Genius with my home internet connection?

Absolutely! We actually recommend that you save your money on a separate virtual server (VPS) account that will normally cost you $50 or more per month! If you have an internet service that is at least 1mbps upload speed, you can stream at 480p. If you have 3mbps upload speed, you can easily stream at 720p. Finally, if you have a 5mbps or higher upload speed, you can stream at 1080p.

Just note that higher stream resolutions do require a quad core processor type computer.

You are not limited like other video streaming products!

Why can't I just upload my videos to YouTube?

You certainly can still do this. But you do loose the benefit that Google gives Live Events. It seems that Google treats Live Events as news worthy and thus give almost immediate boosts in ranking.

If you are looking for any white-hat advantage to boost your video rankings, you need to stream your videos using Live Events and Live Stream Genius makes it dead easy!

What operating systems will Live Stream Genius Basic work on?

Live Stream Genius is native to the Microsoft Windows® platform. It can be run on Windows Server, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. For streaming in HD, it's recommended that your computer be a quad-core CPU with at least 4GB of memory.

It can also be run on Mac platforms using Windows simulation through Parallels or like product.

Live Stream Genius Can Run on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. Mac users must use
Parallels or like software with Windows emulation to run Live Stream Genius.

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